Friday, December 2, 2011

Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.7 Released

Today Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.7 has been released.This new version fixes some major bugs in identifying and dealing with some of the network cards.Now you can download and try this version which comes with a new installer and minor improvements to user interface.
Change Log:
  • Install-Uninstall support added.
  • Interface Improvements.
  • Some issues with some of the cards fixed.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Multi Random Data Generator (MRDGen) Released

Hi Everybody, today I am happy to release a new freeware Multi Random Data Generator (MRDGen) which is a small freeware to generate random data such as Passwords, Numbers, IP Addresses, MAC Addresses. Main types of data currently supported are,

  • A Random Password Generator  to generate passwords from predefined or manual character set.
  • A Random Number Generator to generate Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal and Decimal Numbers.
  • A Random IP (Internet Protocol) Address Generator.
  • A Random MAC (Media Access Control) Address Generator.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Win7 X Folder 1.5 Released

Hi everyone, after long time a new version of Win7 X Folder (v1.5) has been released. This new version comes with lots of bug fixes and improvements including a new refreshing interface with tabs. With this interface change you can do all task much quicker. Loading time and memory utilization is optimized hence you can observe faster loading time and less memory usage.

 Features Are,
  • ·         Search all file and folder names or contents of files.
  • ·         Mass rename files and folder with the help of templates, Just fill the textboxes and click start to perform batch renaming.
  • ·         Save list of all files and folders with Size, Creation Date and Time, Last Modification Date and Time to either CSV or TXT file.
  • ·         Simple and easy to use tabbed interface for easy and quick access.
  • ·         Save Search results to a file.
  • ·         Very small file size 260KB (90kb when zipped).
  • ·         Portable (No Installation needed).

Download Here,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.6 Released

Hi everybody, Today Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.6 Has been released which had some minor bug fixes and improvements.
Change Log:

  • Some bugs in Random MAC Address Generator has been fixed.
  • Some memory management related issues has been fixed.
  • Now new users can directly access our knowledge base articles.

You can download it from

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zokali Forum Launched

Zokali Forum is now online.Now you can use this forum to report bugs or request for any feature to be added in the future releases of our softwares, start a discussion on freewares and any other topics interests you.

If you are a Freeware Developer you can use our forum to promote your freeware, you can share and exchange code snippets, discuss on topics which helps in your future projects, solve problems faced by freeware developers together and even get help if you are interested in developing a freeware.
Zokali Forums

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Win7 X Folder v1.2 Released

Today Win7 X Folder v1.2 has been released. This new version comes with many bug fixes and other improvements, some of them are,

  • Improved User Interface, Now all options are orderly arranged.
  • Fixed some issues in Older version of windows.
  • All modules can be used at same time by switching between tasks in Windows Tsakbar.
  • Improved Search functionality.
  • Fixed stability issues.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.5 Some Bugs Fixed

Hi everybody, Some people reported that they are getting error messages such as "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". So I have fixed this issue so please download it again from here,

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to change MAC Address in Windows 7 using Win7 MAC Address Changer : Quick Tutorial

As you may know MAC address (known as physical address) is a 48-bit identifier (6 blocks hexadecimal) corresponds uniquely to a network card or network device, which is used to identify a network device. Now, if we need to change the physical address (for whatever reason) Win7 Mac Address Changer will facilitate the task enormously.
Follow these steps to change your MAC Address in Windows,

  • First Download the program from here.
  • Run this program as administrator and enable the network adapter which you want to change MAC Address to avoid problems.
  • In windows RUN dialog enter getmac to note down the current MAC Address.
  • Select a network interface to change its MAC Address.
Select your Network Adapter

  • Select your Operating System.
Select your Operating System
  • Enter desired MAC Address manually or just click on Randomize.(Some MAC Address Combinations don't work in windows 7 so if you observe no change then try another combination)

Enter New MAC Address
  • You can use Randomize button to generate random MAC Address for you.

Generate  Random MAC Address
  • Just click on Change button to apply changes.
Change your MAC Address

  • You must Disable and Re-enable the selected Network Adapter to take effect.(If you don't know how to Enable and Disable Network Adapters in windows 7 Click Here)
  • In RUN dialog run getmac to verify if your MAC Address is really changed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.5 Released

Today Win7 MAC Address Changer has been released with many bug fixes and a major improvement in it's interface.The new interface is very easy to use compared to the previous version,here you can access all the functions in a single window which avoids much confusion.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Win7 X Folder v1.0 Released

Today Win7 X Folder has been released, Win7 X Folder is a very easy to use utility which enables users to do some very handy operations on a folder such as saving list of files and subfolders in a folder, mass/batch renaming which supports some unique templates or filters and also a search utility which can search in file and subfolder names and also in the contents of files and subfolders.

Features of Win7 X Folder are,

  • Very easy to use when compared to similar utilities.
  • Very small in size.(about 75kb when zipped)
  • No installation needed.(You can easily carry it in pendrive)
  • Batch/Mass rename module makes it easy to rename large number of files and folders with unique predefined templates/filters.
  • Full list of Files and Folders can be saved to a file, (.txt or .csv) along with size information.
  • A search module which comes handy to search in File and Folder names and also inside those files.
System Requirement: .Net Framework 3.5 or above.

                                                     Home Page

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some suggestions

Some people are telling me that, they are getting  .Net error while running Win7 MAC Address Changer, please read this post carefully to solve your problem. to run Win7 MAC Address Changer you should have .Net framework 3 or later installed.You can get latest .Net framework here.
  And also it is not enough to have an administrator account you must run the program using "Run As Administrator" in the context menu(right click).If you still get this error please contact me using this page.
Please regularly visit for new softwares releases and articles

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ya it is possible to change MAC address

After the release of Win7 MAC Address Changer many people started to discuss is it possible to change the MAC address? i want to make these things clear to everyone,

  • It is actually not possible to change the MAC Address of any Network Adapter permanently but we can spoof it.
  • You can check your MAC Address by typing "getmac" command before and after using this software in Run prompt to check if really works.
  • If  you change change the MAC address of any adapter and reboot using different operating system such as Linux or any other windows based operating system there will be no effect on the MAC there.
  •  This software should be run with administrative privileges to get the work done.

Quick Tutorial to Win7 MAC Address Changer

If you don't understand how to use this software please follow these instructions,
(If  you get any .Net security error please run the software in administrator mode in "compatibility tab" in file "properties". )
  • Select the network interface from the drop down menu,

  • Click on "Change" button to go to next menu,

  • Select your operating system (if your windows operating system is not listed then just select "Windows Xp").

  • Now change the MAC Address manually or just select click on"Random" button to get one automatically.(In windows 7 there is a restriction which does not allow to change the Mac address to other characters except "12")
  • Now just click on "Apply" button to accept these changes and then disable and re-enable your network adapter in "Network connections" or restart your computer.
  • You can always click on "Reset to Default" button to reset to default MAC Address.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Release Date for Win7 MAC Address changer Beta

I am are very happy to announce that tomorrow am going to release Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.0 Beta which enables users to change the MAC( Media Access Control) Address which are used to identify hardware devices such as Network Cards,modems,etc and which are said to be static in nature so can't be changed. This software enables the user to spoof the mac address used by the network interface card(both wired and wireless cards) in windows based machines such as windows 7, windows vista, windows xp.
Features of Win7 MAC Address Changer are,
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7(Windows7 has a bug/protection which makes it hard to change the MAC address)
  • Random MAC address generator.
  • List of Current MAC Address of all the adapters can be saved directly.
  • MAC Address cleanup/reset which resets the default MAC Address of the selected adapter.
  • Complete log will be created, which enables the user to keep track of all the changes being done.
  • A system info module helps to quickly get basic system information(still in beta)