Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Win7 X Folder v1.0 Released

Today Win7 X Folder has been released, Win7 X Folder is a very easy to use utility which enables users to do some very handy operations on a folder such as saving list of files and subfolders in a folder, mass/batch renaming which supports some unique templates or filters and also a search utility which can search in file and subfolder names and also in the contents of files and subfolders.

Features of Win7 X Folder are,

  • Very easy to use when compared to similar utilities.
  • Very small in size.(about 75kb when zipped)
  • No installation needed.(You can easily carry it in pendrive)
  • Batch/Mass rename module makes it easy to rename large number of files and folders with unique predefined templates/filters.
  • Full list of Files and Folders can be saved to a file, (.txt or .csv) along with size information.
  • A search module which comes handy to search in File and Folder names and also inside those files.
System Requirement: .Net Framework 3.5 or above.

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