Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Win7 MAC Address Changer v2.0 Released

Hello Everybody,
We are happy to release the latest version of Win7 MAC Address Changer with lots of bug fixes. This new version attempts to generate and change MAC address which will most probably work in your system. A "Auto FIX" option has been added which will automatically generates first two characters for you.

Win7 MAC Address Changer 2.0
Win7 MAC Address Changer v2.0

Note: Some people repeatedly reporting that their MAC address is not changing in their system, Please try again until you generate a working value as it takes time to generate a working value.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Win7 X Folder 2.0 Released

Hi Folks,
Today am releasing Win7 X Folder v2.0. This is a major release which comes with  a completely revamped interface. Major improvement in this version includes the addition of multi-threading , Now search and rename operation will be done in another separate threads which will solve the problem of freezing when these operations are being done and now multiple operations can be performed simultaneously.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Releasing Mass IP Address Locator

Hi Everybody, Today am releasing a new windows utility "Mass IP Address Locator" to download. As always this utility will be free to download and distribute (freeware).Mass IP Address Locator is a small utility to convert IP Addresses into country names in bulk.Main features which make it special are,

  • No internet connection is required for the IP to Country conversion (offline). 
  • This application is multi-threaded (very fast conversion).
  • Export the generated country names to file.
  • Very neat and easy to use interface.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.9 Released

Hi everyone, Today Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.9 has been released. This version has some minor bug fixes and improvements. One of the major change is from this version onward Win7 MAC Address Changer will not support windows XP, I have made this decision because there are many working MAC address changers for Windows XP but not for windows 7 this will get me more time to work on windows 7 version of MAC address changer, I hope you people will understand.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.8 Released

Hi Everybody, Today I'am going to release version 1.8 of win7 mac address changer in our website.This version is a attempt to fix some issues in windows 7 which stops changing of MAC Address. Now random MAC Address Generator generates mac addresses which most likely work in any system (especially windows 7).

Change Log:

  • Random MAC Address Generator generates mac address which will most likely work in your system (try it).
  • Support for Windows 8 (Preview) has been added.
  • Better Log Management.


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