Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Win7 X Folder 1.5 Released

Hi everyone, after long time a new version of Win7 X Folder (v1.5) has been released. This new version comes with lots of bug fixes and improvements including a new refreshing interface with tabs. With this interface change you can do all task much quicker. Loading time and memory utilization is optimized hence you can observe faster loading time and less memory usage.

 Features Are,
  • ·         Search all file and folder names or contents of files.
  • ·         Mass rename files and folder with the help of templates, Just fill the textboxes and click start to perform batch renaming.
  • ·         Save list of all files and folders with Size, Creation Date and Time, Last Modification Date and Time to either CSV or TXT file.
  • ·         Simple and easy to use tabbed interface for easy and quick access.
  • ·         Save Search results to a file.
  • ·         Very small file size 260KB (90kb when zipped).
  • ·         Portable (No Installation needed).

Download Here,

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