Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Tutorial to Win7 MAC Address Changer

If you don't understand how to use this software please follow these instructions,
(If  you get any .Net security error please run the software in administrator mode in "compatibility tab" in file "properties". )
  • Select the network interface from the drop down menu,

  • Click on "Change" button to go to next menu,

  • Select your operating system (if your windows operating system is not listed then just select "Windows Xp").

  • Now change the MAC Address manually or just select click on"Random" button to get one automatically.(In windows 7 there is a restriction which does not allow to change the Mac address to other characters except "12")
  • Now just click on "Apply" button to accept these changes and then disable and re-enable your network adapter in "Network connections" or restart your computer.
  • You can always click on "Reset to Default" button to reset to default MAC Address.


  1. Is it open source ? I'll be glad to see it !

  2. I set up Administrator mode and I still can't unfortunately run it. For me there is .NET security error.