Friday, July 22, 2011

How to change MAC Address in Windows 7 using Win7 MAC Address Changer : Quick Tutorial

As you may know MAC address (known as physical address) is a 48-bit identifier (6 blocks hexadecimal) corresponds uniquely to a network card or network device, which is used to identify a network device. Now, if we need to change the physical address (for whatever reason) Win7 Mac Address Changer will facilitate the task enormously.
Follow these steps to change your MAC Address in Windows,

  • First Download the program from here.
  • Run this program as administrator and enable the network adapter which you want to change MAC Address to avoid problems.
  • In windows RUN dialog enter getmac to note down the current MAC Address.
  • Select a network interface to change its MAC Address.
Select your Network Adapter

  • Select your Operating System.
Select your Operating System
  • Enter desired MAC Address manually or just click on Randomize.(Some MAC Address Combinations don't work in windows 7 so if you observe no change then try another combination)

Enter New MAC Address
  • You can use Randomize button to generate random MAC Address for you.

Generate  Random MAC Address
  • Just click on Change button to apply changes.
Change your MAC Address

  • You must Disable and Re-enable the selected Network Adapter to take effect.(If you don't know how to Enable and Disable Network Adapters in windows 7 Click Here)
  • In RUN dialog run getmac to verify if your MAC Address is really changed.

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