Saturday, April 14, 2012

Win7 MAC Address Changer 1.9 Released

Hi everyone, Today Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.9 has been released. This version has some minor bug fixes and improvements. One of the major change is from this version onward Win7 MAC Address Changer will not support windows XP, I have made this decision because there are many working MAC address changers for Windows XP but not for windows 7 this will get me more time to work on windows 7 version of MAC address changer, I hope you people will understand.



  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Changelog? because still NOT working under Windows 7 x64 with some MAC combinations

    1. Hi, Win7 Fix in changelog refers to an option available which will fix the fist octet of MAC address to 12 it is not a core improvement to make some combinations work...